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6-10m3 Front Load Bins / Rear Load Bins

Skip bins are not limited to a single type only, in fact, there are three well distinct types of the skip bins. Skip bins are classified into these types depending on the size and functionality. Following are the three types of the skip bins and all of them are briefly described.

RORO skip bins,Closed Skip bins,Open skip bins are common three types. Front load bins belong to open skip bins with one door.
  • Front load bins / Rear load bins
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Skip bins are actually large sized containers that are often used to carry rubbish and then dump it somewhere into the dumping pits.

Commonly skip containers have an unmistakable shape: the longitudinal cross-segment of the skip receptacle is either a trapezoid or two stacked trapezoids. The lower trapezoid has the littler edge at the base of the skip canister, and a more drawn out edge at the top. Where there is an upper trapezoid, it has the littler edge at the top. At either end of the skip receptacle, there is an inclining floor or divider. There are generally two carries at the finishes of the container onto which chains can be appended, allowing the substantial skip canister to be lifted onto and off a lorry.

The skip bins material, normally we use Q235 or Q345. Inner side with anti-corrosion painting.  If you have special requirements on higher grade of steel, we can also source for you.

Our waste bins could be used for transporting all sorts of waste, junk and rubbish in our bins and skips. Items such as renovation and excavation materials, bricks, roofing, metal, steel, iron, cardboard, paper, timber, tree and garden waste, dirt & soil, concrete, plastics, building waste & materials, demolition waste, carpet & underlay, old furniture and white goods, plaster and gyprock, wood, car parts, old computers.

As a professionl special manufacturer of garbage truck, we could produce the skip bins from 3 cubic meter to 15 cubic meter.

Waste bins/ skip bins need to be used couple with skip load truck. The skip load truck also named swinging arm garbage truck. The garbage container can be roll on and roll off through hydraulic cylinders to make the arm swinging.

The garbage container of swing arm garbage truck can be divided to on ground container and under ground container. The roll off container can be open type and sealed type to adapt different working environment.




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