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Bulk cement truck owner sense: bulk cement transport can make more money

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With more orderly conduct of infrastructure projects, the National Bureau of Statistics data show that as of December 2020, the year of the cement output of 2.377 billion tons, and rose 1.6% year-on-year, the sales is the transport, which is that few years more and more in bulk cement tanker and at the same time due to the high convenience, bulk cement big squeezed the bagged cement market.


Early very common bagged cement carrier truck, are now replaced by professional stronger bulk cement tank truck, due to the transport properties of bulk cement, on the vehicle's attendance is to maintain a higher level, owners will be more careful when picking truck, not only to light weight, high power, power is stable and reliable, also have to consider the price factor, earn money to buy the truck to better.


Truck owner Master Chen from fujian province, has run dump truck range in South of Fujian area, transported then bagged cement since year 2000. He ran the place also more extensive, mid-short distance transportation is given priority to, mainly springs of Putian, Jinjiang and Hong Kong, Shishi. Until now the master Chen bought a bulk cement tank semi trailer, also running in these areas.

Since 2014, some bigger construction site don’t allow cement bagged enter site. The local has a lot of people are beginning to buy bulk cement tank trailer.  Bulk cement no need unloading, packing the fare better save cost. Master Chen  purchased one set truck head towing trailer too.

How much could Master Chen earn one month?

On average, Master Chen's monthly salary can be about 2,000 USD. In peak season, the net profit of the car can reach 7,000 USD/month, and more than 2,000 USD in the off-season. Excluding the driver's salary, annual inspection insurance, car maintenance, tires and other expenses, the average net profit of the car is 30,000-40,000 USD a year.

Master Chen and his fellow villagers walked on the road of happiness together.




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