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Can FAW J7 win users trust express model awards?

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At present, China's highway network construction has been quite mature, the total mileage of the highway and the total mileage of the highway has been ranked the first in the world for many years, effectively promoting the rapid development of China's express logistics, while the truck brand competition in the field of express has also entered the incandescence.

What kind of trucks are the most popular in the express sector? Sponsored by the "" the 7th China truck user survey and poll found trust successfully started again in 2021, by investigation, visits, statistics, express the core links of supply chain, with regional express card friends face to face communication at every level, found in the field of express, the user calls for J7 tractor truck for FAW JIEFANG at the top, Why is this high-end truck so attractive in the field of express transportation?

More than 20 technological innovations in high-end heavy trucks rank first in the world

The seventh found trust organizing committee through the visit found that the express logistics DORA fast run to make more money, which requires trucks to meet high aging, high attendance, large cargo compartment, both fuel economy and comfort, is the express logistics model of choice. And since highways charge by axles, tractor trucks with fewer axles are more popular.

Aiming at the transportation conditions in the field of express transportation, FAW Jiefang J7 is equipped with the high-horsepower engine of FAWDE Power AOWEI, which can output 550 horsepower and has a peak torque of 2600N·m. It is more suitable for changing road conditions for the transportation of light weight express goods. It is matched with the FAW drive AMT transmission, and can also be equipped with hydraulic retarder according to the difference of driving line, improve the service life of brake lining and tire. 465 Upgraded punching welding bridge main deceleration ratio 2.688, both high aging and oil saving.

Tailor-made services for express go deep into specific scenarios

In addition to excellent product quality, FAW J7 also provides customized services. On June 4, 2021, FAW Jiefang & ZTO Express held the delivery ceremony of the first 100 SETS of J7 truck heads, starting a new journey of cooperation between the two sides.

The FAW JIEFANG is on the delivery for ZTO customised ZTO express edition J7, adopting dynamic high-horsepower engines FAWDE, collocation is super small ratio and low rolling resistance tires, will not only help to promote the efficiency of ZTO express transportation, at the same time, will also be combined with operational scenario, the vehicle maintenance, performance tuning, car networking aspects of continuous optimization of products, To ensure the operation of ZTO Express, help ZTO express further reduce operating costs, improve operating efficiency, and ultimately achieve smooth logistics, fast delivery of goods.

After 7 years of careful construction, the launch of FAW Jiefang J7 has conquered more than 20 major special key technologies of commercial vehicle product development, marking that FAW Jiefang has reached a new height in the field of high-end heavy truck research and development and manufacturing, and has become a model of domestic heavy truck comparable to the European benchmark and international first-class level.

On February 22, 2022, the 7th Discovery Trust China Truck User Survey and selection event award ceremony will be held in Nanjing. Whether FAW Jiefang J7 tractor can win the award of "2022 Trustworthy Express Transport Model" is inseparable from the active voting of the majority of fans of J7 and win their own honor.




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