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Do you understand the structure of powder material tank truck and trailer?

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When the author was a child, it was common to see bags of cement being transported to construction sites. But as times have changed, bags of cement have become less visible. Bulk cement truck are more and more used in cement transportation.


The problem of transportation and storage is the reason why bagged cement is replaced by bulk cement. Those who have transported bagged cement all know that in rainy season, loading, transportation and unloading are quite troublesome. Once the cement package encounters water, the cement powder will deteriorate and agglomerate, and finally lose its use, causing economic losses to users.

And bulk cement tank truck is very good solve the problem, the rainy season can also be the normal loading, transportation, to discharge in the factory, a sealed tank without fear of water, but also save the human cost of loading and unloading, as well as the cement packing, can use the site are directly to buy bulk cement, this also called bulk cement tanker steady the market.

What's powder material tank truck?

So-called powder material tank truck, also known as powder tank truck, the purpose is to transport within 0.1 mm diameter dust material, in addition to the bulk cement, can also transport fly ash, lime powder, such as goods, but the types of goods is limited, now of the powder material truck is mainly used to transport cement, so in the impression of people, powder tank truck is bulk cement tank truck.


Bulk cement semi trailer, usually can load 30 ~ 60m3. Some specially customized can reach 80 cubic meters. The material of the tank usually are carbon steel Q235 or aluminum alloy. For customers driving on good road conditions, aluminum alloy material light weight, can reduce fuel consumption, reduce tire wear and so on. For customers with bad road conditions, carbon steel tank can ensure the safety and durability of the vehicle, long service life.

With the development of the industry, some countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh and Zimbabwe are also using semi-trailers to transport bulk cement in large quantities.

Powder material carrier truck can not only transport bulk cement, but also transport PE particles, PP particles, ABS particles and so on. In the United States, Japan, Russia, and some Central Asian countries, there are special purpose pulverized material transport trucks and trailers.




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