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How to choose one refrigerated truck?

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Why someone earn money with running refrigerated truck, but someone lose?

With the growth of people's living levels, consumer demand increases, the demand for cold chain transportation explodes, and the quantity of people buying refrigerated trucks grows day by day. But why do some people make money by running refrigerated truck? And someone lose money?

Follow up with the large demand for refrigerated vehicles, and the freight of refrigerated transportation is high, it is more profitable, so many large and small manufacturers, repair shops, reffitting factories are producing refrigerated truck bodies and refit refrigerated trucks.

But due to the conditions of small manufacturers are limited, the technology is not mature, and the equipment in the factory is not professional enough, the quality of refrigerated vehicles on the market is uneven. The price is low, and the quality is low, which leads to the economic benefit of many refrigerated transportation personnel is not good. They respond that do not making money, and the vehicle loss are big, and so on.

It looks at the appearance of the refrigerated truck bodies is the same if you’re not professional. You can not see what difference and feel it can run well to make money. As a common truck owner only consider the price reasons. There is no long-term perspective to consider refrigerated car life, thermal insulation performance, vehicle loss and so on.

Refrigerator truck need see the production process of the insutated panel, the panel quality, the internal structure of the sandwich board.

Overall chamber sealing effect, thermal insulation, insulation effect.

Truck-mounted truck body after long-term bumpy and rough road, refrigerated truck life. And so on.

After long-term using, if there are often problems with the refrigerated truck, or the refrigerator unit can not be refrigerated normally, thus affecting your economic benefits. This is due to the choice of cheap refrigerated trucks or low quality refrigerated truck body. The sealing of the closed truck box is reduced, or the damage repair cost caused by the material strength of the truck body is very high, no less than buying a new refrigerated truck body.


From a long-term perspective and economic benefits, it is suggested that friends who want to do refrigerated transportation can know more about the professional knowledge of refrigerated trucks, to avoid being a layman, listening to the exaggeration of the sales staff, only consider the immediate gains and losses, so as to buy the low price and low quality refrigerated truck. More understanding of refrigerated cars can become experts, to your car will provide a lot of reference, so as to reduce a lot of unnecessary losses.




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