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How to use the refrigerated truck correctly?

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After own one refrigerated truck ,how to use it correctly?

1. Check before driving. THERMO KING independent refrigerator unit and trailer using refrigerator unit have automatic detection function. Press the automatic detection button before use, and the detection can be completed in about 30 minutes.
2. The goods must be pre-cooled. The refrigerated truck only provides the cold quantity of goods during transportation. Pre-cooling and freezing of goods need to consume a large amount of cold quantity. The refrigerated truck can't undertake the cold quantity. So the goods needs to be pre-cooled.
3. Leaving the gap when loading the goods, for keeping the cooled-air recycling. Leave a clearance of 10cm around the goods to ensure cool air patency. Do not stack goods in air-conditioned entrance, exit and roof.
4. Loading and unloading should be done quickly.

5. Mostly the cargo is food, the health of refrigerated truck body interior is very important. Refrigerated truck is easy to dew, dew is easy to raise bacteria. Transport food hygiene, timely cleaning is the most effective.
6. Please park in the shade when parking for a long time. Keep cold and save oil.
7. The refrigerator unit should not be stopped for a long time, at least once every two weeks. Run it for at least 15 minutes each time to ensure that it can be turned on smoothly when it is used again.
8. Manual defrosting is very useful. The refrigerator unit defrosts automatically at regular intervals, but in the interval, manual defrosting is necessary. 1) Loading and unloading takes too long. Manual defrosting is recommended for 15 minutes after starting the unit. 2) The cooling effect is poor, and manual defrosting is recommended.
9. Regular maintenance. Please perform regular maintenance according to the requirements of the cooler.




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