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Hundreds of SHACMAN trucks were sent to Afghanistan to transport aid

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On January 13, 2022, hundreds of SHACMAN trucks, customized by the United Nations Food Programme (WFP), set off for Afghanistan, where they will be responsible for the transport of relief supplies.

In the face of the assistance tasks and difficulties that must be ensured, Shaanxi auto has carried out detailed deployment for many times around the shipping plan, formulated detailed measures for epidemic prevention, transportation and other key matters, and organized service and dispatching personnel to follow the fleet to ensure the smooth delivery of vehicles.

The country needs, SHACMAN will reach the steam. Previously, SHAANXI Automobile has effectively guaranteed the assistance projects of the UN Food Programme in Ethiopia and other countries. This time, THE UN Food Programme chose SHACMAN truck again, which fully reflects the high recognition of SHACMAN's quality and service.

Under the continuous impact of the global epidemic, Shaanxi Auto import and Export created a new sales record in 2021, fighting for 2022, recently, SHACMAN Truck Import and Export held a meeting, for the first quarter of the "good start" carefully planned, mobilized all the marketing soldiers to fight for military achievements, strive to make contributions, to ensure the early realization of sales targets.




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