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Jiefang's first quarter export sales grew 37 per cent year on year

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In the first quarter of this year, FAW's overseas market reported good news, with a 37% year-on-year increase in export sales, among which the export of FAWDE series engine products increased by 190% year-on-year, hitting a record high in the same period.

In 2022, FAW Overseas Business Division will continue to strengthen the construction and development of FAW Truck brand in overseas markets, aiming at the export sales target.

In the first quarter, FAWDE power supporting FAW Truck export orders reached 3000 sets. Among them, there are 1800 units FAW Truck J6P in the Russian market, all of which are CA6DM2 and CA6DL2 products of AOWEI series of FAWDE Power. Batch export to Mexico FAW Truck J7 is also the exclusive matching FAWDE power AOWEI CA6DM3-55E5 engine. As for another high-end model FAW Truck JH6, FAWDE Power's supporting export orders exceeded 500 units in the first quarter, especially in the South African market, 100% supporting FAWDE Power AOWEI CA6DM2 and CA6DM3 products, and orders reached 300 units in the first quarter.




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