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SHACMAN YUCHAI Engine 500HP Self-dump Truck Makes its Debut

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During SHACMAN TRUCK 2020 annual meeting, SHACMAN officially released a new series 500 HP 6x4 self-dump truck Xuandeyi3 as an upgrade of its previous X series products.

SHACMAN 500 HP 6x4 Xuandeyi3 Self-dump Truck Makes its Debut

Xuandeyi3 6x4 self-dump truck is equipped with Yuchai YCK11500-60 engine, with a maximum output power of 368 kw and 500 horsepower. It can produce a maximum torque of 2,200N.m at 1,000-1,400 rpm. It meets National VI Emission Standards through a combination of advanced technologies (high pressure common rail + EGR + DOC + DPF + SCR). It's the result of YUCHAI and SHACMAN communicated last year.

The truck is still equipped with FAST 12JSDX220TA-B aluminum-shell gearbox, with a maximum input torque of 2,000 N.m, a speed ratio of 12.1 in the first gear and a speed ratio of 0.78 in the highest grade 12 gear.

As we expected, the truck adopts Hande MAN 5.5T maintenance-free front axle, ABS, and the lesser-leaf spring. Its front axle has two pieces of plate springs measuring 90x28mm.

The truck uses Hande MAN 11.5T single-stage rear axle with a speed ratio of 3.7, the standard ABS, with three equal-length leaf springs measuring 90x37mm.

In addition, the truck has an aluminum alloy fuel tank with a volume of 730 L, and two layers of pedals are designed in the groove of the fuel tank to overcome difficulties in getting on and off.

At the begging of onto market, Xuandeyi 3 light-weight truck, mainly targets the coal transport market. In order to reduce its weight, the vehicle introduces aluminum alloy in the manufacturing.




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