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Sales of new energy refrigerated vehicles soar 308% in 2021

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Market potential is limitless, where are they sold?

With the booming development of food cold chain and fresh e-commerce, the social demand for refrigerated vehicles has expanded significantly. Under the general trend of energy conservation and environmental protection, new energy refrigerated vehicles usher in good prospects for development.

According to data of medias, from January to October in 2020, a total of 315 new energy refrigerated vehicles were sold in China, while the sales soared 308% in the same period this year.

On the whole, new energy refrigerated vehicles showed a rising trend in October 2021, reaching the peak sales volume in August, and then returning to a stable state.

Sales of new energy refrigerated vehicles from January to October 2021

According to the statistics of medias, by October 2021, new energy refrigerated vehicles were sold to 89 cities in China, and cities with less than 10 sales accounted for 76.4%. First-tier cities represented by Shenzhen and new first-tier cities represented by Chengdu and Chongqing were the main sales markets of new energy refrigerated vehicles.

From the perspective of users of new energy refrigerated vehicles, the high cost of vehicle purchase and low endurance not only cause a huge economic burden, but also delay making money. And vehicle battery is greatly affected by weather factors, the use of extremely cold or extremely hot weather is limited, seriously affecting daily work. Also because of this, dealers are not willing to put new energy refrigerated vehicles.

In the field of pure electric light refrigerated truck, a total of 219 models have power between 90 and 107kWh. Among them, the model with 98.04kWh of electricity has the highest sales volume; The second model is 96.768kwh.

In the field of pure electric mini refrigerated truck, the model with 38.7kwh of electricity has the largest sales volume; Followed by 66.84kWh vehicles; The 43.2kWh, 41.6kWh, and 61.82kWh models also sold well.

In the field of pure electric mini van refrigerated truck, the electric quantity is about 41kWh, and the model with electric quantity of 41.86kwh has the highest sales volume.




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