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Sinotruk HOWO TX Series Trucks New Arrival

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In the near future of 2020, Sinotruk has new arrival, HOWO TX Series truck. The TX7 is among those who are expected to be launched this year. As an update of MAN TGA, it is specifically developed for the standard load operation.

According to Sinotruk plan, they will equip three engine including optimized MC11.44-50, MC11.46-50 and MC13.48-50 which can reduce fuel consumption by as much as 2-3L, depending on operating conditions.

Sinotruk HOWO TX Makes Its Debut

Sinotruk will also roll out its NG engine powered (natural gas engine) Howo TX with National VI Emission Standards, which are to be equipped with MT13 engines that offer a low natural gas consumption of only 28-32 Kilogram.

Sinotruk HOWO TX Makes Its Debut

With a MAN TGS cab and the newly developed bumper in 2020, it looks unique in design and spectacular in grandeur.

In terms of interior, Sinotruk will also provide equipment including airbag seats with armrests, electric cab lift, four-point airbag suspension, 220V-1000W inverter, multifunction steering wheel, sleeper control switch USB interface, vehicle refrigerator, and four-way camera, as well as LDWS + FCWS (with radar), electric heating, electric sunroof.

Sinotruk HOWO TX Makes Its Debut

By updating and optimizing, Sinotruk engineers has reduced the product weight greatly while also maintaining reliability. Configurations including crossed synchromesh transmission with high torque, 7 and 12 ton free maintenance front axle, long-lasting fuel pre-filter system are all fitted as a significant step in taking the industry to the next level of long maintenance.




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