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Small Compactor Garbage Truck Compressed Garbage Truck

Why use compactor garbage truck?

1. Reverse mechanism: the reverse mechanism of assembly with garbage can (or garbage bucket); It is more convenient to collect and dump garbage.

2. The method of garbage collection is simple: to change the dirty old appearance of garbage cans in city streets and eliminate secondary pollution.

3. The compression ratio is high and the load is large: the maximum crushing pressure is 12 tons, and the load amount is equivalent to two and a half times that of the non-compressed garbage.

4. Operation automation: the imported computer control system, all fills discharge operation in one operator need driver, not only reduce the labor intensity of sanitation workers, and greatly improve the working environment.

5. Good economy: when special equipment works, the computer control system automatically controls the throttle.
  • FAW CA5075YSLJ
  • FAW
  • 870423

Full filled volume from 6m3  to 20m3. Compressed Garbage Truck consists of the sealed garbage box, hydraulic system and operating system. It's full sealed type, compression, to dump all, compression in the process of sewage into the water, more thoroughly solved the compressed secondary pollution problem in the process of vehicle transportation, key parts imported parts, high pressure, good sealing, convenient operation, safety, etc. Different structure of the rear bucket for option.

The truck chassis could be 4x2, 6x4 and 8x4 driving type. The truck chassis brand could be FAW, HOWO, SHACMAN, ISUZU, and so on. 




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