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Special Trailer Mounted Transformer Oil Pufirier Machine On-line Regeneration Machine

DN-12R Transformer Oil Purifier Machine
This product is used for processing unqualified insulating oil including transformer oil, mutual inductor oil etc. Removing the moisture in oil, gas and impurities quickly. Improve the compression strength of insulating oil and oil products quality, ensure the safe operation of high voltage electrical equipment. It is widely used in various industries of self-provided power plant and substation, converter station, national power supply company, electrical laboratory, electric power equipment manufacturing enterprises, power equipment maintenance installation industry, etc. Insulating oil filtration purification and they are the appointed product of electric power department.
  • HTC9301BYLY
  • 871609


This product is on-line transformer oil purifier and regeneration machine. It possesses three-dimension flash steaming and VK technology. The impurities elimination technology which is combined nano-molecule with reticulate filtration make it 6-9 times higher than regular vacuum oil purifier in efficiency, low energy consumption.


Parameter   for DN-12R Transformer Oil Purifier Machine

Produce standard


Regeneration adsorption   column

12 sets, 12 R

Recommended matching   degasser

1600kg fuller's earth load/ 6000L/h

Oil storage cycle system

1 set, 6,000 liters

Vacuum suction unit

1 set, 280,000L/H

Oil inhibition section

Activated aluminal (International general granular additives are   available)

Coarse filter (mesh   strainer)

100 macron

Pre-fliter with filtering   element

25 macron

Regeneration section   filter with filtering element

2 macron

Fine filter with   filtering element

5 macron

Transformer oil on-line   moisture particle detector

1 set

Transformer oil   dielectric strength meter

1 set, 80KV

Power supply

3P+N+PE, 50Hz, 380V.

Max. Power Consumption

130kw/145kw(With/   without DN-12R)

Max allowable oil temperature

80 оС

Oil heater power

75 Kw

Outlet pressure

<4 Bar

Moisture content meter

Measures the amount of moisture in oil

Pipelines, cables and   accessories

1 set

Operator room

With A/C, desk, laptop




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