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Target 50,000 units SINOTRUK Chengdu Commercial Vehicles reloaded departure

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SINOTRUK Chengdu Commercial Vehicle Company (SINOTRUK CCVC), as a professional manufacturer of commercial vehicles, after 30 years of development, now the products have covered the whole series of heavy duty truck, medium truck, light truck, new energy truck, special trucks and other commercial trucks, product brands in the industry market and customer groups set up an excellent reputation and image. Enterprise products include tractor truck, cargo truck, dump truck, concrete mixer truck and special trucks and other series of models, widely used in engineering muck transportation, seaport logistics, municipal sanitation, urban logistics, express delivery and other industries, for the enterprise to participate in the market product competition to add chips, but also for the enterprise to continue to lay a solid foundation.

On January 10, 2022, SINOTRUK CCVC 2022 Cloud Business Conference was held in Chengdu with the theme of "seeking new industry, creating prosperity and win-win future". At the meeting, in the face of fierce competition in the large commercial vehicle market, SINOTRUK CCVC dared to "shine a sword" to the market and dared to "challenge" themselves, and put forward the goal of striving for 50,000 vehicles (20,000 heavy trucks and 30,000 light trucks) in 2022.




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