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What Should You Notice During Transportation of Live Pigs?

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Transport Hogs Trucks should be cleaned to prevent them from bringing diseases onto pig farms.

More and more countries have introduced various regulations and codes of practices need to be followed when transporting pigs. In summary, their aim is to prevent the spreading of diseases and to reduce animal stress during transportation.

To prevent vehicles from spreading diseases, they should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before returning to any piggery. In areas where disease restrictions are in place, pigs should be transported by specialist live pig transport truck with air filter.

Transport Pigs Trucks should be fixed temperaturer reduce equipments.

It means the pig temperaturer is high when it is showing one sign of stress – open mouth breathing. Pigs technically don't pant (that is shallow breathing that cools the animal, dogs do). But they breathe fast when hot. This pig is telling us that intervention is needed to cool the pig. In this case, the pig was on a trailer and the trailer began moving and the pigs were cooled.
Fans, air conditioner are equipped on morden live pig transport trucks

Transport Pigs Truck should have drinking water and comfort enviroment.

Floors should be non-slippery and the sides should be high enough to prevent the pigs from jumping out of the vehicle.

Pigs of the same sizes and ages should be grouped together, with partitions being used to separate the different categories of pigs or to divide large numbers into small groups to avoid crushing fighting and bullying.

While pigs usually fast during transportation, they should be provided with water within 18 hours after their journey started when travelling over long distances.

Usually we advise farmers to only load the hog transport trucks once its ready to go since pigs fight when they are upset, especially when the vehicle is stationary. So get all the paperwork ready before loading the pigs.




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