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What different option for one professional refrigerated truck?

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Different purpose truck with different configs. 

  1. The out panel of refrigerated truck body could be FRP, also could be stainless steel plate.  The floor could be FRP, also could be aluminum pattern board, stainless steel pattern board, stainless steel plate.

  2. The bottom plate can be equipped with T-shaped or rectangular ventilation groove. Ventilation slots can also be installed on the box side board. The front plate may also be provided with an optional ventilation slot.

  3. The refrigerated truck body special for transport meat,  4.2 m usually up to 3 rows of meat hooks. 9 meters model usually 5 rows meat hooks. The rails and hooks need to be made specially, notice us before place order . The meat hooks and rails have different model depend on the hang capacity.

  4. The cooling truck body for seafood needs oxygen, and oxygen lines.

  5. According to the user's requirements, the cargo hooks, double evaporator, insulation plate could be installed in the refrigerated truck body.

  6. Others kind purpose refrigerated truck need its owner requirements.




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