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Why the dairy farm prefer vertical type TMR mixer?

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TMR, means totally mixer rations. The TMR feed mixer is a new type of equipment that weighs and mixes cut roughage, concentrate feed and trace elements and other additives according to the nutritional needs of dairy cows at different feed stages. So as to achieve the purpose of scientific feeding.  Today, TMR feed mixer stationary, is indispensable equipment in modern large dairy farms now. TMR feed mixer trailer, TMR feed mixer wagon, TMR feed mixer tricycle, TMR feed mixer truck, more and more fodder mixer and spreader vehicles are used in different scale cattle farms.

Vertical feed mixer is simple in structure and more reliable. From mixing to unloading, it could ensure that high quality feed is mixed, and thus improving milk yield and milk quality.

Horizontal type feed mixer is easy to over-squeeze feed because of the level structure of the hinge, and the vertical mixer does not appear this situation. Caking refers to the dry, hard clumps formed by excessive extrusion of feed, which make cows feel full and unable to eat much. The feed produced by vertical feed mixer is not easy to agglomerate.

QINGDAO HETANCH TRUCK CO., LTD. 's TMR Whole grain Feed preparation machine (TMR feed mixer) has been used in more than 1000 pastures in mainland China. Years of experience accumulation and improvement of our TMR daily feed preparation machine has been quite reliable stability. Its mixing effect, service life and failure rate are up to international standards.




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