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Why use TMR feed mixer ?

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TMR feed mixer with high precision electronic weighing system (Usually we use USA brand or Germany brand), can accurately calculate feed, and effectively manage the feed storage. Not only to display the total weight of the feed mixer, and measurement of each animal feed intake, especially accurate weighing of some trace elements (such as nitrogen additive, artificial additives and syrup, etc.), so as to produce high quality feed, ensure that cows each eating a diet is fine coarse scale stable and consistent day food nutrition concentration.

High performance auger driven by variable displacement hydraulic motor allows synchronous crosscutting and the speed can be automatically adjusted by the loading of the equipment. Combined with programmed hydraulic cutter head system, it ensures uniform high quality mixing and prevents overheating of the equipment.

Our, QINGDAO HETANCH TRUCK CO.,LTD.'s TMR feed mixer stationary, TMR feed mixer wagon, TMR feed mixer trailer, TMR feed mixer truck, have been using more than 1000 cattle farms in China mainland.




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